About Me

Aruno was born in Odisha, into the traditional culture of East India. He is the grand child of a flute playing mystic, tantric, natural healer (mother side), as well as of kirtan singer (father side). Brother of his paternal grandfather, was a very famous dancer and dance teacher in his locality. His father, an open minded person, a mathematic teacher, was also a passionate tabla (Indian percussion instrument) player, and a teacher in that too. His mother a yoga practitioner as well is a passionate music lover.

 Aruno has studied in his home country, classical Indian vocal and music (odissi), (hindustani) and was teaching and performing for many years in those subjects. He is into studies, practicing of  indian vedic astrology , westen astrology and Numerology since more than  15 years. Along with that, he was into training for some dance forms,, like, odissi classical dance, Chhau Tribal Martial Art dance, modern, bollywood styles, Capoeira, Contemporary, Salsa, Zouk, Bachata, Kizomba, Tango, Freestyle forms. And of course for some little time, he was into training for  South Indian martial art practices, kallaripayatu, Silambam.

Coming from the mystic land INDIA, with a spiritual, yogic, tantra, Reiki, natural ancient healing, ayurvedic, mantra,  yogic  balancing massage, meditational, introverted experience, he is developing his knowledge and skills day by day in his artistic, musical, dancing (TANGO) journey in to extroverted world also. 

From the philosophical side, from early childhood, he had a keen interest and was astonished towards the happenings of life and of course towards the culture, humanity, religion, God, nature, globe, Universe. With growing older, he is discovering slowly slowly the reality behind these all aspects in him.

He believes and says, " Life is itself very simple and natural and for me, it is a game of the Universe. I mean, life is a simple game of the Universe. Just we need to understand the game and enjoy the natural happenings."

If you do good, you will get good in ultimate from the Almighty /Universe. Many people say that,, leave negative and stay positive. But i think negative and positive, both are naturally part of the life. Just we need to use the negatives in a positive way. We can not live without one of them. They are like, two hands or two legs of the body. With together we are complete, One. "" 




LIfe will change,, if you can see the change in it...............Aruno