What is Tantra ?

Tantra is an esoteric traditions of Hinduism and Buddhism from ancient India. Tantra is a science beyond science,, a spiritual practice with sacredness with the harmony of Nature. The very traditional vedic indian tantra , was called panchatantra. (Pancha means 5 and panchatantra is the tantra combined of 5 elements). 

White Tantra,,, - incorporate solo practice, which incorporate yoga and meditation. Its the self love practice, to create a deeper bond with self. Its the big brother of  Yoga. 

The difference between Tantra and Yoga is,, 

Tantra is mostly with movement, voice and breath. Its more dynamic.

Yoga is mostly with breath and asanas. Of course movement is there. But its mostly static.

Red Tantra,,, - a practice to develope the power through the sexual energy , to create a deeper bond with your partner. White Tantra practice helps a lot for going deeper into Red Tantra practice with your love making partner.      

🌿 White Tantra Fitness - Through Tantra Fitness we develope first the inner strength and then the outer strength. Its an opportunuity and special education session, where you will profit a lot, for your personal fitness, professional life and self love. In the begining, you are guided through a verification ritual with vedic astrological, numerological  and ayurvedic process to find out , your closest deep personality and basic body type, to prepare a fitness chart specially for you. So the White Tantra-Fitness you can experience is a sort of  natural Yogic approach. It is a way to explore your deep inner self awareness and self love, with removal of personal blocking ideas from your mind and to get a stronger body. Some people see it as a sort of moving meditation. In White Tantra we use our voice a lot through the breathing and movements. **Its not a singing class. In white tantra fitness, we train the mind and body, first inside and then outside. The ambience you need is calm, relaxed and obviously unaware of time. It also allows a mental clarity to see better who you are, to look inside yourself and recognise issues under a new light. You will soon grow to a better version of you with full of awareness and bodily, mental strength.

Through out the full White Tantra process, you will get to know about Ayurveda natural healing and how to apply them in life to maintain the physical, mental and spiritual health. There are lots of benefits of practicing white tantra,,, for example, you get a very strong but flexible balanced body, a very concentrated quiet mind, a very deep and strong voice, a very strong back bone, a very strong capacity of making love with much more joyfulness and longivity with your partner, better sexual life with your loving partner, very energetic aura with brighter smile,,  much more younger and healthier look comparing to your age, and so on.


                                                                                                        Health is Wealth & Knowledge is Power...


White Tantra Fitness Training Private Lesson (90 minutes each)

24 times Abo 4500.- + side cost (3 months course/ Level 1)
24 times Abo 5000.- + side cost (3 months course/ Level 2)
24 times Abo 6000.- + side cost (3 months course/ Level 3)


 Before you start the Level 1, for the preliminary verification ritual (with your free will) i need your astrological details( your birth time, date and place), your ayurvedic body constitution, to prepare your fitness chart. It takes Total 3 hours ( 3 hours for preparation + 2 hour for discussion).                                   This costs extra 450.-

(for some parts of Level 1, online class also possible)

 * for group classes or workshops,, very easy and special price

* It could take longer time even, depending on your body-mind condition and personal effort.
* i will only demonstrate and guide, but i do not guarantee the result, It mostly depends on your sincerity and practice.
* Far from my area would cost differently.

* White Tantra fitness coaching include, yogic balancing method with breath movement, numerology, vedic astrology, ayurveda, reiki, natural healing technique, trataka, body awareness, mindfulness, pranayama, asanas, tantra yoga, voice yoga, intuitive ayurvedic oil massage, yoga massage, chakra balancing, meditation, mantra chanting.


what is Voice Yoga ?

This a part of White Tantra. It consists of alternative breathing, humming, stretching, relaxing, sensitive perception and observation, voice waves and roaring. We are loosening tensed muscles like tongue and jaw muscles. Freely, without big effort we are experimenting with our hidden, deeply rooted animalistic energy. Dynamic, rhythmic humming and bumming produces pleasant wave-vibrations in head and chest areas. Our centre around the navel point (Hara) will get invigorated and strengthened. The muscles supporting breathing and voice will be explored, stretched and built-up. The flow of breathing gets more relaxed and stable. The voice strings are getting fine-tuned. 

After only a few sessions of Voice Yoga, everybody can start experiencing her/his own original powerful voice coming authentically from deep down the navel area. These fun techniques relax and encourage us to creatively play with our voice without any strain.

Voice Yoga is Wellness and regeneration for voice, body and soul as a whole. It is a healthy compensation to the stressful, exhausting daily life. Besides of having an instant positive impact on the singing potential and expanding the voice range, Voice Yoga leads to overall better health and increased energy levels through improved circulation, better sleep and oxygen uptake. With voice you can go deeper inside somebody and can heal the person from any difficulties to its extreme level. It depends on the deepness of the feelings of the healer and the opposite person.

As the voice is the expression of the personality, a more powerful voice helps to overcome shyness and inferiority feelings and it brings more self-confidence and success in all areas of personal and professional life.


The voice is the software, creates the strongest hardware in the body as Hara (Nabhi). 

White Tantra Therapy

This a very strong and effective  healing method  from ancient india, to go over the past trauma or fearing , to grow the self confidence, to balance your chakras, to develope a deeper consciousness, etc.

  Each session of  White Tantra Therapy of 90 min. duration costs 250.-

Short online healing sessions 50.-

Vedic Astrology Consultation

 Lets understand what is Vedic Astrology first. 

In western astrology we take "the Sun" as the centre, but in vedic astrology, " the moon" becomes the centre. Vedic astrology is more accurate comparing to western astrology, because moon changes everyday and and makes a full round in 28 days,, while the sun makes a full round in 1 year.

A session costs (450.- / 2 hours)with chart and basic discussion in details. There is a pre-preparation before we meet for astro analysis.

Further additional Consultation 60.- / 30 min. (online also possible)


Before consultation please send me your 

Date of Birth,  Time of Birth and Place of Birth.


🌿 Booking email : - i@aruno.ooo