🌿Red Tantra - Massage Education, for couples

Red Tantra works on sensual energies, and is capable of creating a very intimate connection between the masseur and the receiver only in between the couples. This special experience helps releasing tensions, and it works in the opposite way to White Tantra, healing your body first, and consequently influencing your mind and spiritual health. Red Tantra is a way to unveil secrets about yourself. The kind of secrets that deal with your intimate life, sometimes blocking, fears or dissatisfaction. Together with Aruno and his red tantra partner, you both will discover new ways to touch, to receive touch and to explore your own and your partners  body. He will show you new sorts of stimulations that will awaken your sexual energies. The purpose is never the immediate orgasm, but a longer and much intensive path to discover a much more powerful climax. 

I would like to inform you something very important about Red Tantra, the real authentic traditional way.  I have seen mostly in western world,, the Tantra word , is taken in a very different and non authentic way. They think Tantra means, only sexual energy exchange. There could be free sex with just any chosen partner, with freedom and free will.  But in the contrary, the real Tantra tells only to have one Love making  (sex) partner, for life ,, to grow together in Red Tantric Sexual Love making way, to reach easily the liberation or salvation in life with the help of each others deep love. There was never a tantra massage existing with red tantric energy to offer the clients. In Traditional tantric way, there should be only exchange of red energy, in between the loving couple and the tantra massage only exists in between the couples to heal themselves through them.  This is why i always like to educate the couples, the real authentic tantric method, to learn red tantra massage to offer only in between them, to relax and  to energise , to create a better bonding, to grow a better love making strength and of course for a better relationship.     

  I educate the method, how to practice red tantra and red tantra massages, only for couples to grow a beautiful relationship together in between them, but only with my red tantra partner (my woman). Its bit intensive and bit intimate,,but very beautiful practice for a much better conjugal life (in between couples) with full of trust and respect to the clients.  

The goal of  Vedic Traditional Red Tantra is to merge SHIVA(masculine- energy)and SHAKTI(feminine-energy). SHIVA is where, all knowledge comes from, while SHAKTI is the force of transformation. Thats why Red Tantra is a very pure form of love ,, only in between  the couples. 


,, Love is the highest energy and sexual energy is the highest love energy. 
So stay pure and get healthier. 
* never mix the red sexual energy with anyone, except your loving partner.


Red Tantra Practice and Red Tantra Massage Private Education (only for 1 couple at a time)
8 times Abo(each session, 3 hours) 6000.- + side cost (1 month course)

* I will guide you both, the full education, together with my red tantra partner.



🌿 Booking  email :- i@aruno.ooo