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Aruno was born in Odisha, into the traditional culture of East India. He is the grand child of a flute playing mystic, tantric, natural healer (mother side), as well as of kirtan singer (father side). Brother of his paternal grandfather, was a very famous dancer and dance teacher in his locality. His father, an open minded person, a mathematic teacher, was also a passionate tabla (Indian percussion instrument) player, and a teacher in that too. His mother a yoga practitioner as well is a passionate music lover. Aruno has studied in his home country, classical Indian vocal and music (odissi), (hindustani) and was teaching and performing for many years in those subjects. He is into studies, practicing of  indian vedic astrology , westen astrology and Numerology since more than  15 years. Along with that, he was into training for some dance forms,, like, odissi classical dance, Chhau Tribal Martial Art dance, modern, bollywood styles, Capoeira, Contemporary, Salsa, Zouk, Bachata, Kizomba, Tango, Freestyle forms. And of course for some little time, he was into training for  South Indian martial art practices, kallaripayatu, Silambam.
Coming from the mystic land INDIA, with a spiritual, yogic, tantra, Reiki, natural ancient healing, ayurvedic, mantra, yogic balancing massage, meditational, introverted experience, he is developing his knowledge and skills day by day in his artistic, musical, dancing (TANGO) journey in to extroverted world also.

From the philosophical side, from early childhood, he had a keen interest and was astonished towards the happenings of life and of course towards the culture, humanity, religion, God, nature, globe, Universe. With growing older, he is discovering slowly slowly the reality behind these all aspects in him.
He believes and says, " Life is itself very simple and natural and for me, it is a game of the Universe. I mean, life is a simple game of the Universe. Just we need to understand the game and enjoy the natural happenings."
If you do good, you will get good in ultimate from the Almighty /Universe. Many people say that,, leave negative and stay positive. But i think negative and positive, both are naturally part of the life. Just we need to use the negatives in a positive way. We can not live without one of them. They are like, two hands or two legs of the body. With together we are complete, One. ""

Direct from Aruno

Life is beautiful if you see it beautifully. Life is not what is given from the birth but what we make out of it. Remember we all are born on this earth with some special hidden talents and abilities, this is what we need to develope to bring the best out of it. If you believe in something and make Karma for it with consistency, then surely things will change.
Namaste ,, i am Aruno,, from East of India,, a Mentor, a Vedic Astrology analyst, a fitness trainer, a therapist, a Tango dancer and performer, a friend, guide and philosopher. I can help you finding your best way, and working towards what can bring you success in your life and make you an achiever with Wisdom.
If you want to take guidance from me or would like to learn with me,, i would like to go for that. May be i will also surely learn something from you. A student learns once , but a teacher learns two times. Once he learns as a student and next time ,while teaching he learns it another time with a better understanding. Please remember, i am not a Guru ,, may be a senior student, that can help the juniors to grow little bit more. because we learn always from each other.
I enjoy the life with my own experience, beliefs and techniques in my authentic way,, with due respect to the ancient tradition and all others. My root is from a typical east Indian family,, but i am very much open to learn new things and much open to explore the life to different extents in a beautiful way. We stay young in mind,,as long as we keep on learning new things.



Life is never perfect,, so we all are also not perfect. But with this acceptance of imperfections, what we can do our best that to try, to make the life more beautiful and more beautiful ,, with little bit consciousness, understanding and with respect ,to self and others. You know, each of us, has a special beauty and quality on this earth. So there is no competition, in between,, rather only respect to each other. Because we are all special individuals. I believe that there is a purpose,, that we are born on this earth as a human being,, with a super brain ,super sense and super bodily possibility.
Lets find out , who we are really in this body and mind,, through this body and mind, with joyful, blissful application of biggest tantra methodology and sacred love, towards the direction of liberation (mokshya) and to find out the best gift, what we can give the best to the earth.
The nature and the animals are our real basic teachers. The ancient Tantra method comes from the animal life style and technique actually. I come from a Tantra family , where i started learning many different Tantra healing techniques and Tantra fitness Rituals from my Maternal grandfather when i was a small child.
My coaching, healing, fitness or therapy technique, includes only energy from white tantra,, with the combination of yogic balancing breathing skill with voice and movement.
I don't tell that i am the best among others,, but surely my today version of me is better than my yesterday version.



What is Tantra ?
Tantra is an esoteric traditions of Hinduism and Buddhism from ancient India. Tantra is a science beyond science,, a spiritual practice with sacredness with the harmony of Nature. The very traditional vedic indian tantra , was called panchatantra. (Pancha means 5 and panchatantra is the tantra combined of 5 elements).The difference between Tantra and Yoga is,,
Tantra is mostly with movement, voice and breath. Its more dynamic.
Yoga is mostly with breath and asanas. Of course movement is there. But its mostly static.

White Tantra- incorporate solo practice, which incorporate yoga and meditation. Its the self love practice, to create a deeper bond with self. Its the big brother of  Yoga.
🌿  Through white Tantra we develope first the inner strength and then the outer strength. Its an opportunuity and special education session, where you will profit a lot, for your personal fitness, professional life and self love. In the begining, you are guided through a verification ritual with vedic astrological, numerological  and ayurvedic process to find out , your closest deep personality and basic body type, to prepare a fitness chart specially for you. So the White Tantra-Fitness you can experience is a sort of  natural Yogic approach. It is a way to explore your deep inner self awareness and self love, with removal of personal blocking ideas from your mind and to get a stronger body. Some people see it as a sort of moving meditation. In White Tantra we use our voice a lot through the breathing and movements. **Its not a singing class. In white tantra fitness, we train the mind and body, first inside and then outside. The ambience you need is calm, relaxed and obviously unaware of time. It also allows a mental clarity to see better who you are, to look inside yourself and recognise issues under a new light. You will soon grow to a better version of you with full of awareness and bodily, mental strength.
Through out the full White Tantra process, you will get to know about Ayurveda natural healing and how to apply them in life to maintain the physical, mental and spiritual health. There are lots of benefits of practicing white tantra,,, for example, you get a very strong but flexible balanced body, a very concentrated quiet mind, a very deep and strong voice, a very strong back bone, a very strong capacity of making love with much more joyfulness and longivity with your partner, better sexual life with your loving partner, very energetic aura with brighter smile,,  much more younger and healthier look comparing to your age, and so on.
Health is Wealth & Knowledge is Power...
* White Tantra fitness coaching include, yogic balancing method with breath movement, numerology, vedic astrology, ayurveda, reiki, natural healing technique, trataka, body awareness, mindfulness, pranayama, asanas, tantra yoga, voice yoga, intuitive ayurvedic oil massage, yoga massage, chakra balancing, meditation, mantra chanting.

what is Voice Yoga ?

This a part of White Tantra. It consists of alternative breathing, humming, stretching, relaxing, sensitive perception and observation, voice waves and roaring. We are loosening tensed muscles like tongue and jaw muscles. Freely, without big effort we are experimenting with our hidden, deeply rooted animalistic energy. Dynamic, rhythmic humming and bumming produces pleasant wave-vibrations in head and chest areas. Our centre around the navel point (Hara) will get invigorated and strengthened. The muscles supporting breathing and voice will be explored, stretched and built-up. The flow of breathing gets more relaxed and stable. The voice strings are getting fine-tuned.
After only a few sessions of Voice Yoga, everybody can start experiencing her/his own original powerful voice coming authentically from deep down the navel area. These fun techniques relax and encourage us to creatively play with our voice without any strain.
Voice Yoga is Wellness and regeneration for voice, body and soul as a whole. It is a healthy compensation to the stressful, exhausting daily life. Besides of having an instant positive impact on the singing potential and expanding the voice range, Voice Yoga leads to overall better health and increased energy levels through improved circulation, better sleep and oxygen uptake. With voice you can go deeper inside somebody and can heal the person from any difficulties to its extreme level. It depends on the deepness of the feelings of the healer and the opposite person.
As the voice is the expression of the personality, a more powerful voice helps to overcome shyness and inferiority feelings and it brings more self-confidence and success in all areas of personal and professional life.
The voice is the software, creates the strongest hardware in the body as Hara (Nabhi).
White Tantra Therapy
This a very strong and effective  healing method  from ancient india, to go over the past trauma or fearing , to grow the self confidence, to balance your chakras, to develope a deeper consciousness, etc.
Each session of  White Tantra Therapy of 90 min. duration costs 250.-
Short online healing sessions 50.-

       my introvert background practice and service :
Voice Yoga, 
Ayurveda food & Massage, 
Indian Vedic Astrology,
White Tantra Therapy, 
Mantra Singing

Red Tantra - a practice to develope the power through the sexual energy , to create a deeper bond with your partner. White Tantra practice helps a lot for going deeper into Red Tantra practice with your love making partner.

🌿 Red Tantra works on sensual energies, and is capable of creating a very intimate connection between the masseur and the receiver only in between the couples. This special experience helps releasing tensions, and it works in the opposite way to White Tantra, healing your body first, and consequently influencing your mind and spiritual health. Red Tantra is a way to unveil secrets about yourself. The kind of secrets that deal with your intimate life, sometimes blocking, fears or dissatisfaction. . I will show you new sorts of stimulations that will awaken your sexual energies. The purpose is never the immediate orgasm, but a longer and much intensive path to discover a much more powerful climax.
I would like to inform you something very important about Red Tantra, the real authentic traditional way.  I have seen mostly in western world,, the Tantra word , is taken in a very different and non authentic way. They think Tantra means, only sexual energy exchange. There could be free sex with just any chosen partner, with freedom and free will.  But in the contrary, the real Tantra tells only to have one Love making  (sex) partner, for life ,, to grow together in Red Tantric Sexual Love making way, to reach easily the liberation or salvation in life with the help of each others deep love. There was never a tantra massage existing with red tantric energy to offer the clients. In Traditional tantric way, there should be only exchange of red energy, in between the loving couple and the tantra massage only exists in between the couples to heal themselves through them.
This is why i always like to educate the couples, the real authentic tantric method, to learn red tantra massage to offer only in between them, to relax and  to energise , to create a better bonding, to grow a better love making strength and of course for a better relationship.
The goal of  Vedic Traditional Red Tantra is to merge SHIVA(masculine- energy)and SHAKTI(feminine-energy). SHIVA is where, all knowledge comes from, while SHAKTI is the force of transformation. Thats why Red Tantra is a very pure form of love ,, only in between  the couples.
,, Love is the highest energy and sexual energy is the highest love energy.
So stay pure and get healthier.
* never mix the red sexual energy with anyone, except your loving partner.

I do not teach red tantra. Its a subject only to practice with your love partner only when you are ready with white tantra practice.

Vedic Astrology Consultation

Lets understand what is Vedic Astrology first.
In western astrology we take "the Sun" as the centre, but in vedic astrology, " the moon" becomes the centre. Vedic astrology is more accurate comparing to western astrology, because moon changes everyday and and makes a full round in 28 days,, while the sun makes a full round in 1 year.

There is a pre-preparation before we meet for astro analysis.   Before consultation please send me your
Date of Birth,  Time of Birth and Place of Birth.
A session costs (250.- / 2 hours)with chart and basic discussion in details. 
Further additional Consultation 70.- / 30 min. (online also possible)

Mantra singing

Mantra singing  is respective, modulating chanting of mantras. Mantra, a holy syllable, word or rhyme, is a sounding body of a spiritual elementary power. if the mantra is repeated, a vibration in accordance with the meaning arises, and its energy manifests. By uninterrupted chanting the breath will deepen, body and mind relaxed and the energy level in chakras will be heightened.