Hey Welcome            am Aruno  
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I do many things in life and
the most i love to do is Tango.
Yes, Argentine Tango,
a beautiful art of life. 
I love both, the Traditional and 
the Neo form of  Tango.

Do you wanna learn ?  
would like to watch a beautiful live tango show? 
You can text me for an appointment.
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Because of the 8th house astrological constellations, i have another talent, that can keep our 1st meeting very interesting. i am sure.
I mean since childhood i have interest in vedic indian
astrology and i practice it since long . So if you give me your Birth Info(Date, Time & Place), i can almost accurately predict something real about you and surprise you. Only if you want. Or else you can choose only to discuss Tango.


Videos & Links :

Tango is my Passion & my Fashion.

  • Private or group class or workshop on special demand, with discussion.
  • As i mostly like to perform tango,, If you are interested for a tango show , you can contact me.
  • i do intensive teaching and ask a very comfortable price for my lessons and shows.
  • Booking Email :-  i@aruno.ooo


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